About Mosque

History of the Mosque:

It so happened that a Muslim brother came from abroad to visit his daughter and her family in Hastings and on Friday he was keen to perform Friday prayer and he looked around and enquired but he was disappointed to find that there was nowhere for him to perform his Jumma prayer. Deeply effective by this lack of facility to perform collective prayers, he took initiative by advertising in the local newspaper, inviting Muslims to come to perform Jumma prayer in the basement of his family’s restaurant on the Hastings’s Sea Front. Muslims of Hastings continued to use this place as a temporary venue for Jumma Prayers and teaching Quran to some children of the Muslim families.

And that is how the first muslims came to meet with each other. 


FIRST MUSLIMS IN HASTINGS:Due to this very reason and lack of job opportunities Hastings did not attract immegrants including Muslims in 1960s and 1970. A few Muslim professionals including some doctors, engineers and accountants moved in the Town and some Bangali restaurents apeared in the mid and late 1970s. However, Muslim individual were praying in their home and no Muslim community was established, thereby no place for collective prayers or a mosque was available for them. 

Subsequently the Association with its established status started to look for premises for the mosque and approached Hastings Borough Council for assistance. Initially no active response was given by the Borough Council but after sometimes the Chief Borough Planner contacted Brother Bakhtyar Khan in his capacity as the secretary of the East Sussex Islamic Association and informed him that Mercatoria, St Leonards On Sea, the premises of Roman Catholic Primary School, is expected to come in the market for sale by the East Sussex County Council and he may contact the County Council to register his interest as a potential buyer on behalf the Islamic association for the mosque. The estimated value of the property at that time was much above the East Sussex Islamic Association's budget at the time. However Brother Bakhtyar over a long and hard drawn negotiation with the East Sussex County Council of over a year finally convinced the County Council to treat the mosque at the similar status to their church and sell the premises on a modest value/demolition cost, at a discounted fraction of the original asking price.

With the grace of Allah [SWT] and with the financial and physical efforts of Muslim brothers and sisters of Hastings and St. Leonards-on-Sea with special efforts of Brothers:

Dr Tarik Yousef Rajbee, Abdul Khaliq, Shukri Tumi, Ahmed Al Zayat, Bakhtyar Ali Khan, Magdi Osman, Ramdan Hareshi, Abdul Qudus, Said Salem, Dr Kanji, Dr Jeelani, Mohammed Omar Khan , Nazir ud-Din, Nurul Amin, Wazir Ali Khan and the late brothers Dr Mohammed Kamal Ahmed, Zafar Queli and Dr Afsar Ali (May Allah Have a Mercy on them all),

Mercatoria (falling within Burton St. Leonads) was purchased at the discounted demolition cost by the following trustees on behalf of the East Sussex Islamic Association in 1986.