About Madrasa

Establishment of Madrasah (Islamic School) in Hastings

Since the establishment of Hastings Mosque in the 80's, there have been efforts to establish regular Islamic School for the Muslims children in order to teach them how to read Quran and basic Islamic knowledge which they need in order to live there lives as Muslims. These efforts had some share of relative success. However, most of the times, the Madrasah would have closed down due to lack teachers or other community or social obstacles.

The recent Madrasah was established in Septemer 2013 and so far it has shown a great success and some clear signs of continuity.


Aim of the Madrasah:

  1. To promote a sense of responsibility, creativity, and skills among our students to prepare them to discharge their duties as Muslims and as future leaders of / and from the Muslim community.
  2. To teach Arabic as a language of Quran to enable our students to read and understand the Holy Quran.
  3. To teach basic Islamic Studies which will include; Islamic Beliefs (Aqaid), Methods of Worship (Ibadaat), and Practices and Values (Muamalaat) according to the Quran and Sunnah.
  4. Imparting the knowledge of Islamic History, with emphasis on Seerah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his noble companions
  5. To help our students to preserve and strengthen their Islamic identity in a predominantly non-Muslim environment by:We intend to achieve our Aims and Objectives by using teaching methods that encourage a love for, and commitment to Islamic beliefs and values, and to Islam as a complete way of life.
            1. Encouraging an informed and critical awareness of their environment, and by
              1. Developing appropriate Muslim responses
  6. We will strive to develop an Islamic character in the pupils as exemplified and taught by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Salla llahu Alayhi Wasallam).


Madrasah Structure

Our Madrasah is divided into classes and groups (levels) based on the abilities and ages of the students. All classes are run in the Mosque, and there are separate classes for girls and for boys. Currently we have three levels for boys and three levels for girls, with students ages ranging from 6 years old to 16 years old.

The lessons take place place every Sunday from 10:30am to 3:00pm. Students have main lunch break from 1:00pm to 2:00pm. Parents have responsibility to make sure that their children bring lunch with them. Students also have a 15 minutes break around 11:45am.



The focus of the Madrasah is to teach children how to read Quran correctly and fluently and memorize some parts of the Quran, especially 30th Para (Juz' Ammah). 

We also teach basic Islamic knowledge. This includes the meaning of Quran, the Hadith (Sayings of the Holy Prophet - Peace Be Upon Him), Islamic Rules (Fiqh) in Ibadat (Matters of Worship) and Muamalat (Civil Matters),  and Aqaid (Matters related to Islamic faith) and Islamic History.

Our Madrasah also teach Arabic language to those who want to learn the language for Arabic GCSE, etc.

During the breaks the children have time for fun and play



In order to efficiently run the Madrasah and cover teachers expenses and the cost of the books and other materials, every parent is required to contribute specific amounts monthly. Currently these are £20.00 for the first child pcm. Every additional child from the same family will cost extra £10.00.


Child Protection Policy

We take the isue of safeguarding and the welfare of the children very seriously. And we strive to abide by the nationally set rules and regulations that aim to protect the children and safeguard their welfare.
All of our teachers and volunteers are properly vetted and we do DBS checks for all of them. They also sign the Madrasah child protection declaration after making them clear with our child protection policy.
Hastings Mosque buildings, where our Madrasah runs, have a 24 hour recording CCTV which we rely as extra layer of safeguarding and protection