Islamic Association


During this period, some Muslim brothers and sisters felt the need to bring the community together and establish a permanent place where collective prayers and Jumma prayer can be performed and also children of the Muslim families are given the opportunity to learn Quran and receive basic Islamic teachings. Brother Dr Tarik Yousef Rajbee pioneered the campaign and tirelessly worked hard for a year or so and managed to bring together some brothers around him and with the blessing of Allah [SWT] founded ‘East Sussex Islamic Association’ in 1984, with its first office bearers as follows:

President: Brother Dr Tarik Yousef Rajbee,
Vice President: Brother Shukri Tumi
Vice President Brother Ahmed Al-Zayad
Secretary: Brother Bakhtyar Ali Khan
Treasurer: Brother Abdul Khaliq
Assistant Secretary: Brother Magdi Osman


CURRENT TRUSTEES: (Updated July, 2017)

Brother Dr Mohammed Imad Bourghli (Chairman)

Brother Mohammed Afzal Awan (Vice Chairman)

Brother Fazlul Hoque Chowdhury (Secretary)

Brother Abu Ahmed (Treasurer)

Brother Md Akhlaq Chowdhury

Brother Md Akmal Ali

Brother Syed Mujaddidi

Brother Mustafa Bencaid

Brother Rahel Ahmed